Artwork for the Epilogue

The letter began with the salutation, “Dear Mama.”  It was an answer to a cry for help from a loving grandmother, whose granddaughter was in trouble again!  Mama was the only mother Sarah Lane had ever known.  It prompted Amy Kayleen’s attempt to rescue Sarah Lane from a dark world whose victims rarely escape; a life on the streets filled with crime, prostitution and drugs, maybe even murder!  Her discoveries show a concrete jungle which captures young, unsuspecting victims.  It erodes their cognitive awareness so that they cannot keep core, family values.  They often find themselves in more turmoil., running from life itself.

The plight of the homeless is an underworld most know little about; but one into which this author is willing to expose.  Amy Kayleen reaches deep into her own heart for compassion and understanding.  She shares her personal life story and cleverly introduces ways to cope with what many define as “dysfunctional.”

“Success is not determined by where one is in life; rather what one has overcome to get to where they are at in life.”

To escape means victory but the sufferer must make commitments.

“If nothing changes, nothing changes.  If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got!”

This is an account of a homeless female who has lived on the streets for over 35 years.