“Sometimes when we don’t know how to pray, someone else does; I consider that a resource, a source of strength.”

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The above picture is an old ugly tree. It was chosen to represent the ugliness of sin in one’s life. Notice the clear, blue sky behind it which represents freedom, cleanliness and restoration, the result of prayer.

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Daily I pray, every morning at 3:00 a.m. My prayers today are different than they used to be.

EXCERPT from: THE LONGEST LETTER: INCREDIBLE HOPE: “I was just a little girl from Arkansas who answered to the name of Amy Kayleen. My family was very poor, but I didn’t know that then. I was with my parents; safe, content; until at a tender age violence, alcohol, and abuse came into my life…I’m so afraid…God, can you help me?…”

“I felt ashamed, embarrassed, dirty, and confused. I thought I was the only one who had experienced something like that…even God would not understand!”

“Things of that nature were not talked about back then. So I kept it to myself and internalized the feeling of shameful pain…I will tell nobody!…

EXCERPT from: IT’S ALL IN YOUR HEAD! THE GENE THAT STUMPED THE DOCTORS  “If my story could help just one other person…”

“Though 45+ years had passed, I could not escape the horrific nightmares which would continually creep into the restorative sleep that was lacking in my body…”

“The secret I was hiding for 45+ years began to consume me. ( Sexually abused when 8 years old.) Even though many times I had tried to tell the story of the molestation, I could never get the words out, not even to my mother or my sister…”

*** “One doesn’t have a vocabulary to describe things of a sexual nature when only 8 years; that’s why 45+ years later, when the shame of it all became physical pain, I became Amy Kayleen and wrote about it. Assuming a different name after all those years allowed me the freedom to explain what had actually happened to me. Once I wrote as Amy Kayleen, I was able to share it. Therefore, as my writings unfold, I’ll remain Amy Kayleen.” ***

Author, Kittye Sharron (AKA: Amy Kayleen)

I’m much better now at praying. No names are mentioned publicly in my prayers; I would count it pure joy to pray for you. SIGNED COPIES are available for $12.95 each + $3.19 shipping = Total, $16.14. Use PAYPAL link at the very bottom of this page (Click on the logo of the credit card you’ll be using.)

Rainbow 2

Lord bless your home.

Kittye Sharron (AKA: Amy Kayleen)

Ugly Tree