SDHB book cover-It's All in your headAuthor, KITTYE SHARRON (aka: Amy Kayleen) says, “More techniques/tips for achieving the look of my hairstyle are in my new book, IT’S ALL IN YOUR HEAD! THE GENE THAT STUMPED THE DOCTORS. (Chapter 14 ~ Let’s Talk Hair & Gray & Izzy!) The book sheds light on the discovery of a hereditary, medical condition (a mutated SDHB gene) so rare, it’s even unknown to most doctors.” (Available in paperback and eBook – ordering links are below the video.) (Cover was designed by Kerry Lee Westveld.) (Videographing below was done by: Katherine Averill.)

Author, KITTYE SHARRON (aka: Amy Kayleen). 

Paperback and eBook available @  


*To order SIGNED COPIES,  books are $12.95 ea. + $3.19 shipping = Total $16.14. Click on the logo of the credit card you’ll be using at the PayPal link at the very bottom of this page.



Hairstyle by: KITTYE SHARRON
Author, KITTYE SHARRON (aka: Amy Kayleen)

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