Full cover for: The Longest Letter: Incredible Hope, was designed by: H. William Ruback for In Color Digital Design, LLC

The Longest Letter: Incredible Hope by: Kittye Sharron
Book cover above for: The Longest Letter: Incredible Hope, was designed by: H. William Ruback, for In Color Digital Design, LLC.
Rainbow 2
This beautiful picture of a rainbow was graciously donated by: Alexandra Wisen, Photographer, 2013. It was used for the cover and in Chapter 1 of, “The Longest Letter: Incredible Hope”. (It was also used in Chapter  4 of, “It’s All In Your Head! The Gene That Stumped The Doctors”.)

(Epilogue Picture below was designed and, graciously donated by: Ashley (Haveman) Gabrielse, Artist.)


“Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah Lane;

I love you, I love you; Sarah, Sarah Lane.

Don’t cry, don’t cry; listen to the rain.

I love you, I love you; sweet Sarah, Sarah Lane.”

Artwork for the Epilogue shadow
Epilogue Picture: Designed by: Ashley (Haveman) Gabrielse, Artist, 2013, revised 2016.

The letter began with the salutation, “Dear Mama.” It was an answer to a cry for help from a loving grandmother, Mama, whose granddaughter was in trouble, again! Mama was the only mother Sarah Lane had ever known. It prompted Amy Kayleen’s attempt to rescue Sarah Lane from a dark world whose victims rarely escape; a life on the streets filled with crime, prostitution and drugs, maybe even murder!

Her discoveries reveal a concrete jungle which captures young, unsuspecting victims. It erodes their cognitive awareness so that they cannot retain core, family values. They often find themselves in more turmoil, running from life itself!

This was based on a true story. “The Longest Letter: Incredible Hope”, gives hope and, is a lifeline for victims of abuse.

Available online in two formats:

Link for ordering Paperback & eBook through amazon:

In Paperback @: http://www.amazon.com/dp/153058101X

In eBook @: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01BHGW2OW

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