For your ordering convenience, book is available online in Paperback  through Create Space @: https://www.createspace.com/6141657 OR, in Paperback through Amazon @:

http://www.amazon.com/dp/153058101X Also available in eBook through Amazon @:



Below are 5 * reviews written by fellow authors:

~ A Journey of Heartbreak and Hope, Tragedy and Triumph ~ After meeting Kittye at the 2nd Annual Trail of Michigan Authors (October 28, 2016), I knew I had to read this book. It is a page-turner, indeed, I was engrossed in the characters, the journey; and I anticipated, with bated breath, the final outcome. Kittye takes you along a trail of heartbreak and hope as she tells a story to which too many of us can relate. I highly recommend this as a must-read. Good job, Kittye Sharron. I truly enjoyed this read. ***** Author, WHOSE APPLE IS IT, ANYWAY!  Linda F. Williams, MSW CCLC CPLC

~ Highly Recommended – A Moving Story ~ Kittye Sharron’s moving novel, The Longest Letter: Incredible Hope, is a quick read that left me with…well, hope. Hope for those who, through tragic life experiences, bad choices or falling victim to predators, are trapped in deep wells of despair from which they see no way out. The story is so absorbing I couldn’t put it down once I started reading. I love the way Amy Kayleen’s letter presents her efforts to rescue her cousin, Sarah Lane, from a life on the streets. There are many twists in this tale, and I could never have imagined the surprising ending. Kittye Sharron beautifully, presents her knowledge that Jesus’ healing grace can save those who feel lost if they but seek Him. ***** Author, BARGAIN PARADISE, Darlene Blasing

~ Redemption & Love Portrayed in a Real Life Situation ~ Heartfelt story of redemption of souls, love of family, and the courage to seek after a wandering family member. Amy Kayleen exhibits tough love and commitment to go after Sarah Lane and bring her back to safety. Delicate story told honestly. ***** Author, LIFE IS GOOD FRAGILE PRECIOUS – LOVING YOURSELF SO YOU CAN LOVE OTHERS, Teresa K. Lasher



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