Occasionally, someone says, “Let’s get together!” We do; and we talk, we laugh, we listen, we eat, we enjoy being together, we rejoice, and we pray.


Devotions @ 3: Group Gathering: Serious Prayer Warriors: L to R: standing: Vearla C., Carolyn W., Sandy S., Kittye Sharron, Janice M.; Sitting L to R: Alicia B., Lisa B., Cindi C., & Donna M.


Devotions @ 3: Group Gathering: Prayer Warriors: Cindi C., Donna M., Janice M.
Devotions @ 3 Group Gathering Sept., 2018. We listen! Prayer Warriors: Carolyn, Vearla & Alicia.



We talk. Prayer Warriors: Alicia B., Lisa B., Cindi C.

And we talk with one another. Prayer warriors: Janice M. and Donna M.


And we laugh.


Prayer warriors: Sandy S. and Carolyn W.

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