Thank you, Mary C. Mobley, MEd, MS, CGC for the most sincere, complimentary words which  you wrote as a Foreword to appear in my book, “It’s All In Your Head! The Gene That Stumped The Doctors. Words cannot express the gratitude this author has in her heart for your expertise and meaningful endorsement.

Kerry Lee Westveld, Cover Designer for It’s All In Your Head! The Gene That Stumped The Doctors. You exceeded my expectation for the front and back covers of this book. Your creativity and attention to detail is astounding. Thank you from the bottom of my heart; you did an amazing job.

My dear sister (a.k.a. Robyn Louise) for whom my 2nd book is dedicated…how can I thank you? For sharing something so rare, even the doctors are unaware? For having my best interests in mind throughout our lives? For being the best little sister anyone could ask for? For proofreading my manuscript three different times? I could go on and on and on but, just know how much I appreciate and love you.

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