3 a.m. prayer:

Most gracious heavenly Father,

Good morning, and Welcome to my personal, Word Press blog! Look around this website and see what I have been up to for the last couple of years; read about my published books; find out about past and future book signings; ‘leave a need’ by clicking on the section titled, “Devotions @ 3”. Your prayer needs, and those of your family, are very important to me. Feel free to message me there or at the Kittye Sharron Message Center on Facebook.

Our Devotions @ 3 continues from the book of Proverbs: Contrasting Righteous and Wicked Lives! “It is the blessing of the Lord that makes rich, and He adds no sorrow to it” (Proverbs 10:22).  Only the blessing of the Lord truly enriches a life. But the second part of the proverb says He adds no sorrow! Is it true that He adds no sorrow with it? Some of the most godly people pass through times of deep sorrow; take a look at our lengthy list of prayer requests! Does God send sorrow? No, all sorrow, sickness, and suffering comes from the evil one, the devil. God often permits suffering in the lives of His children but He is not the source; sorrow is apart from God’s blessings. When God physically blesses a godly person, He also takes care of the soul and prevents many sorrows, curses and temptations that would often accompany the outward prosperity of the ungodly. God doesn’t say there will be no problems; He promises to be with us during times of need, and provides His children wisdom to get through the worst of times. *****

//Standing Prayer: Always remembering our country, for restoration, our continued peace, and freedom; we ask that You grant wisdom and guidance to those who are in authority, and we pray; and for the protection of our men and women who are on the battlefield, we pray. Lord, heal our land, we pray. There are people in other parts of the world who need protection and relief as they are surrounded by war and poverty; also in need of rescue are Christians who are being persecuted, and we pray.

**REMINDER: **> September 19th @ 11:30, several in the group plan to meet and have lunch; details posted on “Devotions @ 3” Facebook page. For this upcoming gathering, we pray.

And so we begin, “Just for Today”: For anyone who may be grieving the loss of a best friend, we pray.

*>NEW Prayer Requests: *>A dear grandmother prays for her granddaughter who is struggling with gender identity, and we pray. The parents are heart broken as well as others in the family who love her, and we pray. *>A sister prays for her brother who has an inoperable tumor near his aorta. He has been receiving treatments in which to shrink it, and having regular scans. Doctors believe the tumor is benign even though it showed inconclusive in the biopsy. A second opinion is being sought, and we pray.

Praises*> A dear lady reports that since the many back surgeries, she now feels wonderful. Her anemia is completely gone, blood work is normal, has recently been taken off oxygen, and is hopeful that very soon she will be able to stop using the walker and back brace. Happily, she lost a significant amount of weight; is doing great and giving all glory to God, and we rejoice; and for continued healing, we pray.

**<PREVIOUS Prayer Requests:**< Battle after Battle: **< Update:**<A dear lady asks for prayer and protection. She recently spoke out publicly regarding a sexual advance toward her; now she is being ridiculed and receiving legal threats, and we pray.**<Battling Cancer: **<Update: Continuing to remember a dear man who has progressive kidney cancer. His liver enzymes have been abnormal, possibly due to new medication; will know more today after he sees the doctor and has more blood tests, and we pray. **<We continue to lift up a dear lady who has stage 4 pancreatic cancer along with blood clots, and we pray. **<One among us asks prayer for the families and caregivers whose loved ones have cancer; it is so hard to watch their suffering, and we pray. **<A wife prays for her husband who has a rare form of progressive, appendix cancer. He has an infection in his lungs, and is awaiting an appointment for his lung to be drained, and we pray. **<Chronic Pain: <** A dear lady prays for her sister who has unexplained pain from previous surgeries, she is doing better; is on a month long camping and fishing trip with her husband, and we pray. **<Divorce:< **A dear grandmother prays for her grandchildren whose parents are divorced, and not attending church. The children are being exposed to an immoral living arrangement, and we pray.**<Epilepsy: **< A sister worries about her brother who is drinking excessively. He has severe epilepsy; hopefully, he will be able to begin traveling with a well-respected cousin who might be able to influence him, and we pray. **<Financial:**< An elderly couple who is about to turn 90 years old has recently discovered their life-savings account is in jeopardy, and we pray. **<Grieving: **<A family is in need of prayer as they prepare a Celebration of Life service for their loved one; the elderly woman passed away on Friday; she had been in Hospice care; and it is for the family, we pray. **<A family and their close friends are in need of prayer as they continue to mourn the death of the young high schooler who shot himself, and we pray. **<Continuing to remember family and friends who are grieving the death of an 86 year old man who resided in a nursing home with his wife. The man died last week from complications of double pneumonia, progressive lung and bone cancer. The granddaughter traveled out of state for a memorial which was held yesterday; today she will fly her wheelchair-bound grandmother to another nursing home which will be closer to family , and we pray. This same granddaughter has recently learned that she has inherited the same, highly hereditary, genetic mutation of which many in her extended family have been diagnosed; her 2 sons are awaiting appointments to be tested, and we pray. **<Health Problems: **<A dear man has been undergoing tests for his debilitating headaches; along with ulcers on his foot, he also has Type 1 diabetes and vascular dementia, and we pray. **<A 20 year old man who has had deep muscular, skeletal problems will begin physical therapy treatment in 2 weeks, and we pray. **<Heart Related +:** < A dear lady endures much verbal abuse from her fatally ill husband who has a bad heart; also she has a very demanding, 90+ year old, ailing father. She is looking forward to some reprieve shortly; the father will go to spend some time out of state with other family members, and we pray. **Update:<A dear lady has been having difficulty sleeping due to chronic nervousness and heart palpitations. She is especially saddened today as it would have been her dearly departed husband’s birthday, and we pray. **<Homebound: **<One among us is disabled and homebound due to a previous stroke, and we pray. **<Infections/Injections/Injuries: **<One among us has been in much back pain for a long time, has difficulty walking, and suffers from high blood pressure. Doctors are not wanting to do the risky surgery at this time, pending evaluations by their colleagues. Instead medications have been administered and the dear lady will be scheduled to have injections in her back, and we pray. **<One among us suffers from tendonitis in her left heel, and we pray. **<A niece prays for her elderly aunt who may lose her toe due to an infection. She is on an antibiotic, and we pray. **<Job Market: **<One in our group is working with a job recruiter to, hopefully, gain suitable employment, and we pray. **<Making Progress: **<The dear couple who stepped out on faith several months ago, to ‘begin again’ are continuing in remodeling their newly acquired older home; and are working hard developing a new online business venture, and for their continued success, we pray. **<Marital Crisis:**<Two couples are having marital difficulties, and we pray. **<Mental Health: **<Continuing to remember the 20-year-old who was treated for major depression, now seeing a therapist twice a week, and we pray. **<Respiratory: <**Several in our group have loved ones in their family who are suffering with symptoms from colds, flu, and/or allergies, and we pray. **<Surgeries/Prior:**<Continuing to remember the mother of two who came through a successful hysterectomy on Tuesday, and for ongoing healing, we pray. **<Continuing to remember the dear man who had knee replacement surgery a little over a week ago. His recovery has been slower than normal and he is experiencing more pain than was expected. He is working with a therapist 3 days a week, and for ongoing healing, we pray. **<Surgeries/Upcoming: **<A dear wife prays for her husband who has many health issues; is awaiting a surgery date for removal of a cancerous growth from his nose. and we pray. ** <A wife prays for her husband who is facing back surgery involving the sciatic nerve; asking wisdom for him and his doctors. He goes back to the neuro-surgeon today for a consult, and we pray. **<A dear lady is scheduled for her 2nd cataract surgery on September 13th, and we pray. **<A dear sister prays for her brother who suffers vision loss from a torn retina; he is scheduled for cataract surgery in October, and we pray. **<Continuing to remember the elderly lady who is battling health problems, has blocked arteries, and an open wound on her heel. Surgery is scheduled on October 17th for a Bi-femoral artery bypass, and we pray. **< A dear lady suffers much pain due to bone on bone in her hip, also has severe curvature of the spine. Surgery for hip replacement is scheduled for November 28th, and we pray.
//Travel Mercies: This is an ongoing prayer request for all who are on the highways and byways. Lord, we ask that You daily keep our travelers safe from harm, and we pray.

For these and the many unspoken requests we pray all in Jesus name. Lord bless our homes. AMEN


    1. Dear Cindi, you are most welcome; thank you for your comments and for “Liking” and “Following” me here; but most appreciated are the prayers you utter for those in our group of “Devotions @ 3”. You are loved; Lord bless your home.


    1. My friend, I’m thanking the Lord, for bringing you through such a trying time, and for placing you and me to tread on the same pathway. Your participation in the “Devotions @ 3” group means so very much; you are loved. Lord bless your home.


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