3 a.m. prayer:
Most gracious heavenly Father,
Continuing in Proverbs: right vs. wrong. PICK A SIDE! “The righteous is delivered from trouble, but the wicked takes his place”(Proverbs 11:8). (God delivers the righteous from trouble and sends it upon the wicked instead.) God blesses and favors those who obey Him, and He judges and punishes those who do not. For those who are on the Lord’s side, He will protect and prosper them, but He will despise and destroy His enemies. Strive to live a godly life for Him! Does this mean I will have no troubles? No! It means God has promised to deliver you from those troubles. The righteous often find themselves in a hopeless situation. The wicked are sometimes involved in persecuting them in their troubles, but God does a reversal and leaves the wicked to destruction. There is a reward for the righteous. *****
//Standing Prayer: Always remembering our country, for restoration, our continued peace, and freedom; we ask that You grant wisdom and guidance to those who are in authority, and we pray; and for the protection of our men and women who are on the battlefield, we pray. Lord, heal our land, we pray. There are people in other parts of the world who need protection and relief as they are surrounded by war and poverty; also in need of rescue are Christians who are being persecuted, and we pray.
And so we begin, “Just for Today”: For anyone who is responsible for the care of another, we pray.
*>NEW Prayer Requests: *> A dear man prays for his elderly friend and neighbor who fell yesterday and is in the hospital, and we pray. *> A dear lady prays for her 65 year old neighbor who has progressive lung cancer, and we pray.
**IMPORTANT UPDATE: **Prayer requests are being updated at this time. Anyone wishing to remain on the prayer line, or is wanting to request prayer needs, must send a weekly update to this link: https://www.facebook.com/messages/t/KittyeSharron
**<PREVIOUS Prayer Requests: (See above important update) NOTE:< To see other previous prayer requests refer to the blog of 9-22-18, and we pray. **>Addiction:<A dear lady asks prayer for herself; she is once again trying to quit smoking, and we pray. Battling Cancer: *< A wife continues to watch the sufferings of her very ill, cancer-stricken, husband.. His condition is worsened by frequent vomiting, and we pray.**<Others include: a dear man with progressive kidney cancer; and a dear woman with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, and we pray. **Health problems:**> Update: A dear lady who has degenerative disk disease has a sleep study consult coming up on October 29th and has  an appointment with a nerve doctor on November 5th; also is having advanced blood tests for thyroid, and we pray. **Infections/Injections/Injuries: <** An elderly lady who has many, many health issues asks prayer for her ‘whole body’, and we pray. **>A dear lady is scheduled today for a needle injection in her back, and we pray.

SURGERIES/Prior: **<A dear mother-in-law requests prayer for her son-in-law who underwent surgery a few days ago for a broken back. He will be off work for 6 weeks, and unable to drive for at least 2 weeks. For continued healing, we pray. This comes at a time when this man and his wife are preparing Christmas for orphaned children, and we pray.

SURGERIES/Upcoming: **< A daughter prays for her 80 year old mother who recently fell, and is now in the hospital for blood in her stool. Hopefully blood tests will reveal the cause. We have been praying for this dear one; she has a blockage in her heart and an open wound on her heel; and has been awaiting Bi-Femoral artery surgery which is scheduled for October 17th, and we pray. *> A wife prays for her husband who suffers from Afib; and is expected to soon have a 4th surgery on his eye, and we pray.
//Travel Mercies: **<>This is an ongoing prayer request for all who are on the highways and byways. Lord, we ask that You daily keep our travelers safe from harm, and we pray. **>A busload of veterans is currently on a trip out west, and for their safety, we pray.
For these and the many unspoken requests we pray all in Jesus name. Lord bless our homes. AMEN

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