3 a.m. prayer:

Most gracious heavenly Father,

EVEN THE GOOD GET PUNISHED! “If the righteous will be rewarded in the earth, how much more the wicked and the sinner! (Proverbs 11:31). (Even righteous people are chastised and punished in this life for their misdeeds. If the righteous reap what they sow, how much more do the ungodly? If the righteous one is scarcely saved, where will the ungodly and the sinner appear?) Because of suffering and discipline, the righteous work out their salvation with difficulty.  The New Testament says, “Make sure that none of you suffers as a murderer or thief, or evildoer, or a troublesome meddler; but if anyone suffers as a Christian, he is not to be ashamed, but is to glorify God in this name. For it is time for judgement to begin with the household of God; and if it begins with us first, what will be the outcome for those who do no obey the gospel of God? And it is with difficulty that the righteous is saved, what will become of the godless man and the sinner? Therefore, those also who suffer according to the will of God, shall entrust their souls to a faithful Creator in doing what is right” (1Peter 4:15-19). (Your eternal reward or punishment – heaven or hell – will far exceed any earthly reward or punishment. The righteous should not despair that there is no reward for them now, and the wicked should not presume to think they can live today without unpleasant consequences.) God will repay men on earth for their actions. You are not hidden from His eyes; you are not lost in the crowd. The righteous will be blessed; the wicked will be punished. Both the righteous and the wicked suffer adversity on earth, but God treats them very differently. Spiritual men know this; they understand His present and future dealings. Life is hard, but the righteous are loved now and later; the wicked are despised now and later. Eternity is still the best view of life. Righteous reader, take comfort! Sinner, beware! *****

//Standing Prayer: Always remembering our country, for restoration, our continued peace, and freedom; we ask that You grant wisdom and guidance to those who are in authority, and we pray; and for the protection of our men and women who are on the battlefield, we pray. Lord, heal our land, we pray. There are people in other parts of the world who need protection and relief as they are surrounded by war and poverty; also in need of rescue are Christians who are being persecuted, and we pray.
And so we begin, “Just for Today”: For anyone who just feels ‘mad at the world’ and everybody in it, we pray.
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*>NEW Prayer Requests: *>Praises: Labor was induced and a beautiful baby boy was born last night, and we rejoice.*>A dear lady prays for her aged father who has an implanted defibrillator. Recent reports show that several times his heart is getting shocked back into rhythm. He is scheduled for a chemical stress test on Tuesday, October 23rd, and we pray.*>The same dear lady who is praying for her father, holds down a full time job and has to rearrange her work schedule, including travel plans, in order to help her aged parents. Today she in the hospital waiting room as her mother is undergoing a very serious surgery, and for this situation, we pray.*> Several months ago we prayed for a dear man who had surgery to remove benign growths on his tongue. Now the growths have come back, this time deeper under his tongue. Yesterday they were surgically removed and he has more stitches than the last time requiring him to be off work next week, and we pray. *>A teenage boy is struggling with stress at home because of his father’s anger issues, which are also, adversely, affecting his mother and his girlfriend, and we pray.
**<PREVIOUS Prayer Requests: <**Addiction: ** <A dear lady is trying to quit smoking, and we pray. **>A dear mother prays for her son who is an alcoholic, struggling to stay sober; he is also battling drug dependency, and we pray. **Aging:**>A friend prays for a friend’s 90 year old mother who recently sold her house and will be moving to a temporary unit on October 27th; she is hopeful to be in her permanent apartment before Christmas, and we pray.**<A dear lady prays for her daughter-in-law’s aged grandfather who is under Hospice care. Praying, too, for his devoted wife of 60+ years, and we pray. **<Battling Cancer:< **Update:>A dear 32 year old, mother of three, whose colon cancer is in remission, now is suffering with pneumonia, and we pray. **<A dear wife continues to pray for her husband who has a rare, aggressive cancer (appendiceal adenocarcinoma), who is suffering beyond words. The cancer has now spread to his lungs. He is trying to stay hydrated; and for his peace, comfort, rest, safety, and protection, we pray. **>Continuing to remember a dear man who suffers with progressive kidney cancer. He will be starting clinical trials October 30th. Until then, he is having CT/MRI scans, chest x-rays, and bloodwork. After that he will begin IV infusions which are aimed at further shrinking the tumors. The man and his wife are planning to leave this Friday on a trip to visit their son, and we pray. **<We continue to lift up a dear lady who has stage 4 pancreatic cancer, and we pray. **Biopsy/Testing Results:<A son-in-law prays for his mother-in-law who is awaiting results from a biopsy which was done on the 9th when her gallbladder was removed, and we pray. **<Chronic Pain: <**Some have overall, unexplained pain, others have pain in specific areas of their bodies, and we pray. **<A sister prays for her sister who gets little or no relief from medications for her chronic pain, and we pray.**<Divorce is so bitter:< **A dear grandmother continues to pray for her grandchildren who are being exposed to an immoral living arrangement, and we pray. **<Epilepsy: **< A sister continues to worry about her 64 year old brother with epilepsy who is lonesome and prone to drinking excessively; there have been no changes, and we pray. **<Family Affairs: **< A dear mother is experiencing problems with jealousy issues between her two adult daughters, and we pray. **Financial +:**>A family faces a crisis situation because of a robbery which recently occurred. Not only did they endure much financial loss, it’s now questionable as to whether or not an extended family member was responsible, and we pray.**<Continuing to remember the elderly couple whose life-savings account is in jeopardy, they have ongoing problems with dementia; efforts are being made to help them handle their finances which is becoming extremely difficult due to the progressive dementia, and we pray. **Grieving:**>A young wife, who buried her infant son less than a year ago, is now grieving the death of her 26 year old husband who was killed in an automobile accident. The funeral is this Friday, October 19th, and we pray.**>Although much time has passed, a dear widow continues to grieve; she is still missing her dearly beloved husband, and feels very alone, has no ambition. She continues to have good and not so good days, but has recently begun attending a new bible study, is really enjoying it,  and for this dear one’s continued joy, we pray. **<Health Issues/Problems: **Update:<A dear lady asks prayer for her brother’s granddaughter who recently gave birth. She is still in the hospital undergoing many tests due to high blood pressure and low pulse rate, and we pray.**>An aunt prays for her niece who has experienced problems with high blood pressure. It has gone down, but continues to occasionally spike, so now a monitor is being used to determine if anything is going on with her heart. She is also having bad headaches, and we pray.**>A dear lady and her father are awaiting appointments to have genetic testing to see if they have inherited the rare gene, linked to cancer and numerous conditions, which runs rampant in their family. First, lengthy forms need to be completed and mailed; and referrals sent in from the primary doctor, and we pray. **<In that same extended family, two brothers await the results of their genetic testing to find out whether or not they have inherited the same mutated gene. It’s a lengthy process, and we pray.**<A dear lady prays for others but has multiple health issues herself, and we pray. **<Update:>A dear lady who was recently diagnosed with severe degenerative disease, has been having leg cramps. She will soon be starting physical therapy and aquatic therapy. She is off the strong medication that she was on, and has a much clearer mind. She is involved in a small group at her church and has a very good rapport with the leader, and is hopeful to receive further counseling. She has a sleep study on October 29th, and an appointment with a nerve doctor/orthopedic surgeon on November 5th, and we pray. **<Among us is a grieving widow who continues to suffer from loneliness and chronic bouts of Diverticulitis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and has difficulty sleeping. She is finishing a regimen of antibiotics for recent symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea, and we pray. **<Heart Related +:**Update::>A brother-in-law has been praying for his 79 year old brother-in-law who has been hospitalized with a heart aneurysm, high blood pressure, and growths on his kidney. He was expected to have surgery; however, due to a discrepancy in some of the numbers from a 3D scan, he will not be having surgery at this time. Apparently, the aneurysm is not big enough and because his heart is strong, he was sent home, and we rejoice. For this man’s continued healing and peace of mind, we pray. **>UPDATE NEEDED:>A wife continues to pray for her dear 80 year old husband who has only 25% heart function. He had a nuclear stress test yesterday to determine the best medical treatment, and we pray. **>A dear lady has been diagnosed with some heart abnormalities, and is facing more testing to determine if there are any blockages. Last Tuesday she had more testing and is awaiting results. Her doctor has also ordered a sleep apnea test. Furthermore, she will be seeing an orthopedic specialist on November 5th about her shoulder pain and immobility in her right arm, and we pray.**>A sister prays for her brother who has an inoperable tumor near his aorta, and we pray. **<A dear lady endures much verbal abuse from her fatally ill husband who has a bad heart, and we pray. **<Homebound: **<One among us is disabled due to a previous stroke, and we pray. **<Hurricane:<**Remembering those who are suffering the effects of the hurricane, and we pray. **<Identity Crisis: **>A dear grandmother prays for her 16 year old granddaughter who is struggling with gender identity. The grandmother is prayerful that her granddaughter’s parents would begin applying tough love instead of giving in and enabling the young lady to make bad choices. Hopefully, a weekly, Wednesday, Bible study group will help to bring restoration and togetherness of these hurting hearts, and we pray. **<Infections/Injections/Injuries: **<One among us is suffering with a rash on her arms from poison ivy, and we pray.**>Update:>:A dear man continues to pray for his 84 year old friend and neighbor who took a bad fall fell a few weeks ago when he suffered paralysis in his right leg and was hospitalized. He is now at home, and is much better than he was, but is having to adjust to some changes. Now must use a walker and is moving very slowly, and for continued healing, we pray.**<An elderly woman who has many health problems asks prayer for her ‘whole body’, and we pray. **>One among us continues to have much back pain, difficulty walking, suffers from high blood pressure, and is not a candidate for risky surgery. The poor dear fell recently and suffered a rug burn on her knee; she is thankful nothing was broken. She has a difficult time getting to sleep because she cannot get comfortable, and she worries about her health and that of her husband. Her only relief is through medications, physical therapy, and laser treatments twice a week. Much of her treatment is not covered by insurance which puts a financial strain and adds more worry on this dear lady, and we pray. **Life’s Needs:**<A dear grandmother prays for strength and wisdom for her grandchildren, and we pray.**<A dear lady who has been caring for her sick husband, now requests prayer for her own rest, peace and strength, and we pray. **<Life’s Problems: **<One among us has recently been diagnosed with ADHD and has been put on medication. She is struggling with the label/diagnosis, but has for years had trouble with her memory, concentration and attention span; as well as, communication skills. She manages to hold down a full time job with long hours, has a heavy workload, but it’s really taking a toll on her, she is suffering from fatigue and mental stress. On top of all that she has kids and a husband at home which require her attention, and most days she is overwhelmed by the amount of responsibilities, and we pray.**<A dear lady is having difficulties working with an online group, and we pray. **<Making Progress: **> The dear couple who stepped out on faith, to ‘begin again’ continues in remodeling their newly acquired older home. They have also been working hard to build up their online business. Sales are expected to increase over the next two months, which will keep them very busy, and for continued success, we pray. **<Marital Crisis:**> There are at least 6 couples who are having difficulty in their marriages, and, we pray. **<Marriage Plans: **<A dear couple has set a wedding date which is a year away, and we pray. **<Mental Health+: **> A grandmother continues to pray for her 20 year old granddaughter who has had mental problems and is now working at a strip club. The grandmother is a believer and is trying to build a better relationship with her granddaughter, to hopefully influence her, and for continued communication between the two, we pray. >Also the grandmother asks prayer for the young lady’s parents who are involved in a cult, and we pray. **<Pregnancy &: **>Update: >A dear grandmother prayed for the birth of a grandchild who was expected to arrive October 16th; however, last night that beautiful baby boy was born!, and we rejoice, remembering the birthmother for healing and comfort, we pray. **<Respiratory: **<Many are suffering with symptoms from colds, flu, and/or allergies, and we pray.
**<Surgeries/Prior: **>Continuing to remember the dear man who had a 4th surgery on his eye; he is still having double vision but it’s not blurry, and for continued healing, we pray.**<Remembering the dear man who had knee surgery on September 11th, remaining hopeful physical therapy will help, and for continued healing, we pray.
**<Surgeries/Upcoming: **>Continuing to remember the elderly lady who is battling numerous health problems, and is having surgery today, Wednesday, October 17th, for a Bi-femoral artery bypass. She is so anxious to have some relief, and we pray. **> A dear 49 year old woman is scheduled for a total hysterectomy on October 31st. She is expected to be off work for 3-8 weeks, and we pray. **< A dear lady suffers much pain due to bone on bone in her hip, also has severe curvature of the spine. Surgery for hip replacement is scheduled for November 28th, and we pray.
//Travel Mercies: **<>This is an ongoing prayer request for all who are on the highways and byways. Lord, we ask that You daily keep our travelers safe from harm, and we pray.**> A truck driver will be covering his route alone this week and next; his co-driver is off work due to a recent surgery, and we pray.
For these and the many unspoken requests we pray all in Jesus name. Lord bless our homes. AMEN


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